No Child Held Back

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Course Summary:
No Child Held Back is an approach to education that allows every child to thrive. Every child - no matter his or her socioeconomic background, learning style, or life circumstances. This approach was not developed in a vacuum. The world around us has reached an inflection point at which we have sufficient technological maturity, and global connectivity to deliver all the major elements that will allow us to fulfill this important work.

This course will allow educators to research the foundations of No Child Held Back and how to utilize the program to inspire all students to reach their full personal and academic potential. This course will teach educators how to get real help, real help you need and deserve to ensure success for you and your students in the classroom and beyond.

This course will stress how to differentiate instruction on the individual level in order to maintain high student motivation, as well as keeping aligned with the new rigorous Common Core State Standards

What You Need To Know

  1. This course will count towards your NYS CTLE course requirements
  2. This course does not apply towards NYC DOE/ASPDP P-Credits
  3. Course will run from September 1, 2018 - November 30, 2018. (Course-work must be completed within that time-frame).

Module 1

Introduction to the course. WHAT IF THE GOAL of our education system shifted from “reducing failure rates” to inspiring all students to reach their full personal and academic potential - ensuring that no child was ever held back from optimal achievement? What if we could create an education system in which, no matter where one was born or their personal circumstances - every child had the chance to reach their full potential? With a ground-breaking approach to an idea whose time has come, expose yourself to a new paradigm of No Child Held Back, change your mindset - and change your world.

Module 2

Before undertaking any intentional move to transform our schools, it is imperative to understand why it matters to do so. After all, it takes time, dedication, commitment, a willingness to engage in dialogue, and a willingness to ‘stay the course’ in the face of those individuals in whom such a mindset may not catch hold right away, or bureaucratic policies that would be roadblocks. This module will provide you with a picture of what is at stake. It also offers a view of how the culture of learning has been evolving to bring us to a point where education reform to the tune of a NCHB approach is exactly what is needed. You will learn that NCHB is indeed an idea whose time has come.

Module 3

We have by now examined why there is a need for an approach to education reform that is based on leveraging the vast array of technological resources available in the 21st century. The next key ingredient for initiating real reform is to understand what this reform really entails. What is the right vision for our education system? And what is behind this No Child Held Back vision? What are the relevant pieces? What are its finer elements? What are its implications? This module provides an answer for these questions.

Module 4

So far, we have explored why education reform is critical today and what it looks like from the NCHB standpoint. The final ingredient key to initiating reform is having a set of mechanisms for implementing the reform - in other words, knowing how to get it done. In the remaining modules, you will be introduced to a set of tools and resources that will allow you to get started turning the NCHB vision into a reality in your own educational community.

Module 5

In this module you will learn about robust professional development, customized to meet each teacher’s needs. Your will explore broad technology architecture strategy and strategy of flexible and open platforms.