Educating with Character

Course Summary:
Schools exert profound influence on children. Peer groups, counselors, favorite teachers, and coaches all help to shape the belief systems that result in student attitudes and behaviors. Character Education activities that focus on Integrity, Honesty, Courtesy, Respect, Responsibility, Loyalty, Fairness, Caring, and Community will be shared.

These activities will provide the experiences and the dialogue for all students that promote an exchange of ideas, an interaction with role-models, and the analysis and reflection that influence student values, attitudes, and behavior. Participants will learn how to implement, establish, and maintain a comprehensive character education program.

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What You Need To Know

  1. This course will provide you with 3 Graduate Credits through Ashland University.
  2. Courses start on September 1st, 2017 and end on August 31st, 2018.
  3. Note: (Rolling Admissions. Self-paced course. Register anytime. Complete course within semester dates)
  4. Credit Cost: $150 per graduate credit x 3 = $450* (Payable to Ashland University)
  5. Course Cost: $149 per course (Payable to NaMaYa)
  6. Length: 36 Contact Hours

*Credit Cost is lower if you are part of a Group/Bulk Registration with 20+ Teachers. To inquire more about that, please contact us at

Don’t forget to register with Ashland University in order to earn Graduate Credits. Failure to register with Ashland University before the end date will disqualify participants from earning credits.

*Strict refund policy on Ashland University fees. Only exceptions are for documented medical emergency and must be approved by PDS Director.