How would you describe the best teacher? What I can tell you is, it's not the teacher with the best curriculum, classroom management or instruction. It is the teacher who has the capability of making students learn. Well.. Isn’t that what a teacher already does? Of course, but you are merely dancing around the truth.

If we want students to learn, the most critical element is the teacher. So professional development is overall the most important thing we can do to help students learn.

Ben Johnson

Professional Development is slowly evolving. The way students learn has surpassed the way teachers learn, ten-fold. One major problem is teachers who have students learning with technology are not able to recognize the technology students use today. This creates friction between teachers educating and students learning.

Other difficulties include the one-size-fits-all approach to professional development. This method does not focus on the individual teacher, therefore limiting engagement in the classroom. Professional development should be personalized and more focused on the individual teacher. Whether you are familiar with technology, or need time adapting with new tools. You should feel comfortable learning at your own pace and creating a personalized growth plan. Professional Development for teachers must evolve.