Complicated Grief:  Identifying Depression, Anxiety and Other Risks in the classroom

Do you sometimes feel like not only a teacher, but parent, confident, & counselor in the classroom?  Being a health teacher for 18 years I have felt this way almost every day of the school year.  Since most of you are not health teachers, this course will help you feel more comfortable identifying students who seem depressed, anxious or suicidal because you will learn about the warning signs and risk factors associated with these mental disorders.  You will also be given strategies and tools to help students cope with their situations.

Contemporary Issues in Health Psychology

Don’t let the title scare you away!!  This character education course gives teachers the opportunity examine why people have certain biases, with a highlight on homophobia.  Strategies to promote key character education traits such as empathy, dignity, respect, patience and integrity will be discussed at length.  The course will also focus on how to help a child who may be questioning their sexuality at any age level k-12.  Additionally, discussion will focusing on how to help a child who is being bullying because of their differences.  Students will be able to bring back to their own classrooms valuable information and strategies to help foster a caring, nurturing environment

be able to share with their school community practical, effective, results driven clubs, lessons and activities to help build a safe and caring LGBT- friendly schools.